In addition to Dr. Radhika Parameswaran, we have:

- Alfred Martin from University of Texas-Austin will be presenting on the intersectionality of race and male gayness in TV art

- Arely Zimmerman will present on undocumented youth coming out on digital/new media platforms

- Aswin Punathambekar from the University of Michigan will be presenting on mobile publics and panics in India

- Aymar Jean Christian from Northwestern will be presenting on the limits of diversity in television dramas

- Gigi Durham from the University of Iowa will be presenting on race, gender, and corporeal vulnerability in relation to geopolitics

- Hemant Shah from UW-Madison will lead a workshop on teaching about race and media

- Jason Sperb from Northwestern will present on documentaries about Detroit

- Jillian Baez from SUNY-Staten Island will present on strategies to capture women of color audiences

- Khadijah White from Rutgers will be presenting her new project on white women

- Kristen Warner from the University of Alabama will be presenting on the pitfalls of minority employment in the film and television industry

- Lori Lopez from UW-Madison will present on Twitter activism and cultural citizenship

- Madhavi Mallapragada from UT-Austin will be presenting on industry discourses of multicultural markets

- Racquel Gates from CUNY Staten Island will be presenting on concepts of "negative" representations of blackness on television.

- Shilpa Dave from University of Virginia will be presenting on South Asians and science fiction blockbusters

- Tim Havens from the University of Iowa will be presenting on ABC's Roots, the Rise of Reaganism, and the Political Limits of Broadcasting

- Vincent Pham from Cal State-San Marcos will be presenting on Asian American film festivals

And many others! Please check for updates!